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UPDATED: Winter break information for faculty and staff

Forecasters got it right last week on the wind and rain. Now, here’s another forecast — and we’re guaranteeing it: The temperature will drop in many buildings during winter break — so, if you’re working, you may want to bring an extra sweater. Plus, everything you need to know about coffee and food during the break, and transportation, the ARC and UC Davis Stores, Repro Graphics, payroll and Occupational Health Services. …


UPDATED NEWS BRIEFS: Added Yolobus service between Woodland and campus

Yolobus adds a second commuter route between Woodland and the campus, starting Monday, Jan. 5. Plus ... Fall Commencement is this Saturday (Dec. 20) in The Pavilion at the ARC. ... UC Davis senior Ren Bautista is the winner of a contest in which UC asked students to create a logo for the university’s Global Food Initiative. ... The men's basketball team will play in a nationally televised game, in The Pavilion, for the third year in a row come Saturday, Jan. 10. ... Information and Educational Technology is reminding the campus about a series of security awareness videos that faculty and staff can watch for free in under an hour. The first video in the series discusses so-called social engineering frauds — like the “IRS” telephone scam that prompted two recent reports to campus police. …


Athanasiou, Hammock, Islam elected to inventors academy

The National Academy of Inventors today (Dec. 16) announced its newest class of fellows — and three of them are UC Davis professors: Kyriacos A. Athanasiou (biomedical engineering and orthopaedic surgery), Bruce D. Hammock (entomology and UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center) and M. Saif Islam (electrical and computer engineering, and Center for Nano and Micro Manufacturing, or CNM2). …


Monday's dialing change: What you need to know

Graphic: Phone dial pad, with 7 and 5 circled

The Davis campus next week takes the first step to a new phone system: Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP. It'll require a change in dialing procedure, effective Monday (Dec. 22), whereby we must use complete phone numbers — all seven digits — when making calls from one campus phone to another. That means no more five-digit shortcuts. We must include the 7 and the 5 in the campus’s two prefixes, 752 and 754. The dialing change, effective Monday (Dec. 22), means no more five-digit shortcuts. We must include the 7 and the 5 in the campus’s two prefixes, 752 and 754. …


Van Eenennaam testifies in D.C. on genetically engineered food

Photo: Alison Van Eenennaam

With lawmakers considering a proposal to require the labeling of genetically engineered food, UC Davis biotechnologist Alison Van Eenennaam told a congressional subcommittee last week that such foods and food ingredients derived from GE crops pose no unique risks compared to plants derived from conventional breeding. “To date, no material differences in composition or safety of commercialized crops developed using GE have been identified that would justify a label based on the use of GE as a breeding method in the development of the crop variety." …


35 units adopt STEAC families for the holidays

Thirty-five departments and organizations have a “STEAC” in brightening the holidays for Yolo County families, by adopting them in the Short-Term Emergency Aid Committee’s annual Holiday Program. ... Plus, the UC Davis Children's Hospital is holding a toy drive, Dec. 19-23; and the Davis campus’s Community Service Resource Center is taking donations of coats, blankets, socks, umbrellas and more to give to Davis’ homeless population this winter. Also, Student Affairs has created the Aggie Food Connection website, with information about to receive food aid and how to help. …


LAURELS: Arboretum Director Socolofsky 'ahead of the curve'

Photo: Kathleen Socolofsky

The Excelerate Foundation recently presented its inaugural leadership award to Kathleen Socolofsky, assistant vice chancellor and director of the UC Davis Arboretum and Public Garden. ... Plus, honors for faculty members Fran Dolan, Anna Maria Busse Berger, Christian Baldini, Shirley Luckhart, Thomas Scott and Cal Qualset, and a Cooperative Extension specialist emeritus, Larry Schwankl. …


2015 begins with a butterfly, ends with a dragonfly

Photo: Cabbage white butterfly

Come Jan. 1, Professor Art Shapiro will be on the hunt in his annual beer-for-a-butterfly contest, looking for the first cabbage white of the new year. ... Meanwhile, communications specialist Kathy Keatley Garvey has the end of the year locked up in the "World of Insects" wall calendar. She's the photographer behind the December image: a flame skimmer dragonfly. …


Chancellor to host 'Reimagining the Future of Innovation'

Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi is hosting a half-day conference, “Reimagining the Future of Innovation: Building Effective Collaborations Among Government, Universities and Industry,” Friday, Jan. 16, with admission free and open to the public. Two members of Congress are confirmed as speakers: Ami Bera, D-Elk Grove; and John Garamendi, D-Walnut Grove (Sacramento County). Besides the chancellor, other academic speakers from UC Davis will include Andrew Hargadon, Graduate School of Management; Fred Block, Department of Sociology; and Steve Currall, former dean of the GSM. …


STORM UPDATE: No serious damage to Surge II

Most employees are back in Surge II this afternoon after a structural engineer determined the building had not sustained serious damage when a tree fell onto it Thursday night (Dec. 11). …


Playing with their food pays off

Painting: Maria Robles Gonzalez collage (cropped), showing man with a head of walnut and a cucumber slice in front of his

What the artists Grant Wood and René Magritte did with oil paints, two UC Davis students replicated with almonds, raisins, garlic, carrots, asparagus and more in crafting masterpieces from California’s bounty. For their efforts, Maria Robles Gonzalez and Yeojin Jung took two of the three prizes in the Produce Collage Contest held in conjunction with UC’s Global Food Initiative. …


NEWS BRIEFS: Campus sends its first ‘Aggie Alert’

Last Thursday, Dec. 4, saw the first use of “Aggie Alert,” UC Davis’ new notification for fast-moving events on and around the campus. Aggie Alert supplements WarnMe notifications for serious emergencies. Plus ... the UC Davis Veteran Constituency group is holding a fundraiser for Fisher house, a home away from home for military families with loves ones who are hospitalized at Travis Air Force Base. ... A car jumps a curb in a parking lot and lands among the redwoods in the arboretum. ... Rain falls on Unitrans parade, but RT 2819 comes through like a champ at Memorial Union Terminal celebration. ... Bicycle registration renewals are due by Dec. 31 for people whose bikes have licenses that were issued in 2012. …


Donor gets the call 20 years after registering

Photo: Joanna Friesner

Stem cells from Joanna Frisener of the Agricultural Sustainability Institute are being given to a leukemia patient in another country — all because Friesner signed up as a marrow donor 20 years ago. She didn’t give marrow, per se. Instead, the UC Davis Medical Center pulled stem cells from her blood, in a painless, noninvasive procedure, and, once inside the patient’s body, they will set about creating new blood, and — if all goes well — leave him in remission. …


EXHIBITIONS: Undulations and The First Decade

Watercolor painting: Peter Shahrokh's

UC Davis alumnus, staff member and watercolorist Peter Shahrokh is back at the Buehler Alumni Center with a new exhibition, The First Decade, comprising a selection of works from his first 10 years as a self-taught artist. Also, art studio major Rachael Richards presents recent works in a show called Undulations the Nelson Gallery. …