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UC Davis wins 3 Sautter IT awards


By Dateline staff

UC Davis scored three of eight awards in this year’s systemwide information technology competition, honoring innovation to make university operations more efficient and better serve faculty, staff, students and patients.

The UC Davis Health System earned a golden award and a silver, while the Davis campus’s Information Technology Services received a silver.

Mark A. Cianca, interim chief information officer for the UC system, announced the Larry L. Sautter Award winners today (Aug. 6) at the UC Computing Services Conference at UC Irvine. The UC Information Technology Leadership Council puts on the annual conference and sponsors the award program, having established it in in 2000 in Sautter’s memory; he was associate vice chancellor for Computing and Communications at UC Riverside.

The UC Davis Health System earned gold for the Tethered Meta Registry, which consolidates more than 2.1 million patient records and provides a central data source for research and projects aimed at improving services. With the registry, faculty, researchers, administrators and other staff no longer have to manage their own separate spreadsheets and databases.

The project’s Sautter award application lists the project leadership as Michael Hogarth, professor, School of Medicine, and medical director, clinical registries; Michael Minear, chief information officer; Kent Anderson, research technology manager, and associate director, biomedical informatics, Clinical and Translational Science Center; and Sharon L. Myers, supervisor, clinical registries. The application also credits the following from Information Technology: Albert “Bill” Riedl, technical lead, clinical registries; and Larry Errecart and Colleen Gordon, analysts.

The health system earned a silver for Privacy and Protected Health Information Surveillance Technologies, which improved the medical center’s ability to manage the privacy and security of more than 2 million patient records and thousands of people who access health records. Mary Pat Curry, manager, Health Information Management, submitted the Sautter award application on behalf of the following team (all subject matter experts): Carlos Aguilar, Joshua Simon, John Nystrom and Erol Layiktez, technology; Monica Moldovan, privacy, security and legal; Eloisa Javier, surveillance operations; and Mark Sy, surveillance investigations.

Information Technology Services received a silver for Risk Assessment Determinations in Clinical Academic Laboratories, or RADiCAL. It promotes laboratory safety by identifying the risks involved with a project and the oversight required based on researcher-provided information, such as the chemical components to be used.

The RADiCAL project's Sautter award application lists the project leaders as Cheryl Loyd (executive sponsor), interim chief risk officer, UC Office of the President; Erike Young, director, Environment, Health and Safety, UCOP; and Safa Hussain, executive director, Information Technology Services, UC Davis. The application credits the following team members: Colin Aiken, Rachel Aurand, Timothy Holmes and Dung Phung, developers; Michael R. Benning, project coordinator; Jessica Eisner, quality assurance analyst; William Oleksy, business analyst; Ken Smith, product owner; and Bow Lee Vang, graphic designer.

Read the UCOP news release, with all the winners. See all the applications here.

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