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By Dateline staff

The UC Davis Quarter Century Club’s annual dinner meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 1 — this year honoring 228 new members and 52 members who have reached the 50-year milestone. That’s 8,300 years of dedication to UC Davis, a number as remarkable as the men and women who collectively have achieved it.

All employees, regardless of classification — staff, faculty, administrators — who are identified by Human Resources as having been employed by UC Davis for 25 years are invited to the dinner to be recognized and commended for their contributions to the campus, and to share stories and renew acquaintances.

Invitations have gone out, with reservations due by Tuesday (Oct. 25). Existing members are encouraged to invite “newbies” to join the celebration.

For more information about the dinner, call Jean Wigglesworth, Ceremonies and Special Events, (530) 754-2011.

2011 Quarter-Century Initiates

Hans C. Abplanalp, Fleet Services
Douglas O. Adams, Viticulture and Enology
Lourdes Adamson, VM: Center for Comparative Medicine
Mary A. Alexandra, Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital
Alexander M. Antipa, IET: Academic Technology Services
Robert Arenivar, UCDMC: Operating Room
Cary G. Avery, Grounds Services
Abdolrahman S. Azari, Statistics
James S. Azevedo, UCDHS: Vascular Center Lab
Lee Ann Bacon, UCDMC: Patient Transport Service

Elvira G Balinstat, UCDMC: D-3 University Birthing Center
Sean J. Barry, Environmental Health and Safety
Arnette T. Bates, Student Academic Success Center
Patricia L. Beaver, Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital
Maria Bennett, UCDMC: Pediatric IV Infusion Center
Melba D. Bernal, UCDHS: Health Information Management Department
Kimberly Betcher, UCDMC: Operating Room
Rebecca S. Billing, UCDMC: Pediatric IV Infusion Center
Patricia L. Bond, LandS Dean's Office, Undergraduate Advising
Barbara A. Botelli, Office of Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
Penny L. Brantley, UCDMC: Outreach, Folsom GI
Darryl K. Breckenridge, Student Housing
Barbara M. Breeden, Graduate Division
Melinda L. Breight, UCDMC: D-12 Vascular/GI Surgery
Leslie E. Buhlman, UCDMC: PCS Administration
Ronald L. Burch, FM: Electrical Systems
Dana R. Burnap, UCDHS: Health Information Management Department
Brenda S. Burriss, UCDMC: Radiology-Ultrasound

Raymond L. Cabral, Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital
Edward J. Callahan, UCDHS: Family and Community Medicine
Joan Callao, UCDMC: D-5 Neonatal Units
Maritia Cantwell-de-Trejo, Plant Sciences
Arthur Castillo, FM: Water and Gas
Jay D. Chase, Fleet Services
Kazue Chavez, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Kathy Chorba, MED: Academic Information Systems
Stanley S. Choy, UCDMC: Immediate Hospital Serivces
Lydia L Clark, Foundation Plant Services
Michael Clearwater, FM: Swing Building Maintenance
Kerry L Cole-Copeland, UCDMC: Family Practice Clinic
Roberta L. Cook, Agricultural and Resource Economics
Julie E. Coon, UCDMC: E-5 Comp Acute Rehabilitation Unit
Shirley M. Cooper, UCDMC: OR Pre-OP PACU
Kimberly Cortner, UCDMC: Respiratory Care
Marvin D. Courtright, UCDMC: Radiology-Ultrasound
Suzanne M. Crawford, IT Business Applications

Shirley A. Darosa, UCDMC: Same Day Surgery Center
Sarah Davis, Primate Center
Lea Ann Degraffenried, Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior
Leonore C. Deleon, Ground Services
Michael J. Delwiche, Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Steve H. Dreistadt, Statewide IPM Program
Sandra L. Dyer, DSS HR/Payroll Service Center

Janine M. Edwards, UCDMC: Patient Billing
Linda J. Eldridge, UCDMC: Operating Room
Douglas J. Elliot, UCDMC: Respiratory Care
Sid England, Environmental Stewardship
Hilda M. English, Center for Professional Practice of Nursing
Richard Y. Evans, Plant Sciences

Steven P. Falcone, IT Facilities Management
Steve D. Farnham, Water and Gas
Robert C. Feenstra, Economics
Kathryn S. Fitzgerald, VM: Medicine and Epidemiology
Jessie V. Flores, Grounds Services
Holly L. Fox, Campus Recreation
David F. Franklin, Fleet Services
Jonathan S. Fua, UCDMC: OR Pre-Op PACU

Lawrence Gallardo, School of Law Dean's Office
David R. Gandara, MED: Internal Medicine-Hematology/Oncology
Lisa M. Gandy, UCDHS: Hematology I
Guillermo J. Garcia, Primate Center
Rebecca L. Glasgow, MED: Ophthalmology
Julie M. Gondry, University Extension
Gary Sue Goodman, University Writing Program
Autroy Graves Jr., UCDHS: Fleet Services
Daniel Gusfield, Engineering: Computer Science
Alicia Gutierrez, California Animal Health and Food Safety Laboratory

Kevin Halfacre, FM: Custodial Services
James T. Hall, College of Biological Sciences Dean's Office
Howard D. Halter, Fire Department
Jane H. Hanneman, VM: Medicine and Epidemiology
Randy R. Harris, Physics
Jackie Heath, UCDMC: T-6 Medical ICU
Ritsuko S. Heath, East Asian Languages and Cultures
William D. Heekin, University Extension
Meredith J. Heinig, Nutrition
Kathleen K. Herke, UCMDC: Operating Room
Dario Hernandez, FM: Custodial Services
Ramona P. Hernandez, Student Housing
James C. Hill, Center for Professional Practice of Nursing
Leonard M. Hjelmeland, MED: Opthalmology
Michelle C. Hoze, UCDMC: Internal Medicine Clinics
Patricia A. Hunter, VM: Dean's Office
Paul J. Hurst, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Toshie Ikeda, UCDMC: Same Day Surgery Center

Judy Jernstedt, Plant Sciences
James H. Jones, VM: Surgery/Radiological Science
Lynda M. Jones, Voorhies Administrative Unit
Sandra M. Jones, MED: Dermatology

Pradeep K. Kandola, University Extension
Philip H. Kass, VM: Population Health and Reproduction
Peter B. Kelly, Chemistry
Randy L. Kemmler, Crocker Nuclear Laboratory
Ian M. Kennedy, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Bruce C. Kirkpatrick, Plant Pathology
Kirk C. Klasing, Animal Science
Robert L. Klass, UCMDC: Internal Medicine Clinics
Kurt D. Klinger, Stores-Operating
Steven L. Klippel, FM: Electrical Systems
Arun Kumar, Student Housing
Pravin Kumar, Environmental Services
Gary Kurtz, UCMDC: OR Pre-Op PACU
Beverly A. Kwong-Wu, UCDMC: E-5 Comp Acute Rehabilitation Unit

Lupe R. Laguna, FM: Structural Systems
Brenda L. Lance, Undergraduate Admissions Office
Wayne T. Lanini, Plant Sciences
Roberta L. Lasky, Offices of the Chancellor and Provost
Guek K. Lau, UCDMC: D-5 Neonatal Units
Lisa S. Laughlin, Primate Center
Robert Lawson, UCDMC: Occupational Safety
Grace Y. Lee, UCDMC: Orthopedics Clinic
Sally Lee, Purchasing
Kathy M. Lelevier, MED: VC/Dean's Office
Charles A. Leslie, Plant Sciences
Patrick S. Leung, MED: Internal Medicine-Allergy
Karl N. Levitt, Engineering Computer Science
William R. Lewis, MED: Internal Medicine-Cardiovascular
Pauline L. Little, UCDMC: Spine Clinic
Harry Louie, Veterinary Genetics Lab

Richard J. Maddock, MED: Psychiatry and Behavioral Science
Cathleen Madge, PCS Administration
Kathleen A. Mahackian King, UCDMC: Pharmacy Inpatient
Richard V. Marez, FM:Structural Systems
Janette Marks, UCDHS: Decision Support Services
Lisa G. Marquez, Graduate Division
Brenda McDonnell, Plant Sciences
Ruth J. McDonald, MED: General Pediatrics
Edward S. McNiel, Environmental Design
Marsha A. Meador Crosbie, UCDHS: Angiography
Judith K. Meconitas, UCDMC: Pharmacy Outpatient
Juan F. Medrano, Animal Science
Rita L. Meitner, UC Davis Bookstore
Kerrie Mello, VM: Center for Laboratory Animal Science
Bonnie Merz, UCDMC: D-5 Neonatal Units
Gaylene J. Miller, MED: Public Health Sciences
Daniel Moncado, Technical Support Services
Marianne Montalbano, UCDMC: Surgery Clinic
Gordon M. Moore, ARM: IT Shared Services
Patti O. Morrow, UCDMC: Surgical Admission Center
Jennifer M. Moser, UCDMC: Pediatric Ambulatory Services

Nancy Nardi, UCDMC: PCS Administration
Jeanette E. Natzle, Molecular and Cellular Biology
Diane K. Naydan, Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital
Mary Ann Nelson, UCDMC: Operating Room
Vernon J. Nickell, Mail Division

Patricia O'Brien, UCDHS: Food and Nutrition Services
Donna W. Olsson, College of Biological Sciences Dean's Office
Ronald A. Olsson, Engineering Computer Science
Michael O'Malley, Center for Health and Environment
Sharman D. O'Neill, Plant Biology

Fred L. Pannell, UCDHS: Health Information Management Department
Jacquelyn Parker, California Animal Health and Food Safety Lab
Terrea L. Parker, Student Housing
Pamala J. Parrott, Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital
Karren A. Pascual, UCDMC: Patient Transport Service
Christy S. Pearce, Reprographics
John A. Peklar, UCDHS: Human Resources
Kent E. Pinkerton, MED: General Pediatrics
Michele H. Platten, ARM: IT Shared Services
Pamela J. Porter, UCDHS: SDSC Pre-Op PACU
Diane A. Prato-Mayo, Plant Sciences

Marina L. Ramos, Food Chain Administration Cluster
Betty J. Ratliff, UCDHS: Progenitor/Bone Marrow Lab
Anne E. Read, UCDMC: Children's Hospital Transport
Bruce R. Reed, MED: Neurology
Marcel Rejmanek, Evolution and Ecology
Carol J. Rice, UCDMC: D-3 University Birthing Center
Kevin J. Rice, Plant Sciences
Rosie B. Rice, UCDHS: Audiology Clinic
Lani L. Richardson, UCDMC: PCS Staffing and Bed Control
Lee W. Riggs, Library
David H. Robinson, UCDHS: Human Resources
Francine N. Rosenzweig, UCDHS: Radiation Oncology
Barbara Ruhmann, UC Davis Bookstore
Mindy A. Ryan, UCDHS: T-3 Women's Health Pavilion

Haruko O. Sakakibara, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Sally M. Sandoval, Evolution and Ecology
Albert C. Santa Romana, MED: VC/Dean's Office
Mary E. Schlosser, Plant Sciences
Gilbert A. Sebastian, Employee Benefits
Carmen J. Segura-Raycraft, Offices of the Chancellor and Provost
Sudesh C. Shankar, Environmental Services
Douglas V. Shaw, Plant Sciences
Bill Sluis, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Michael Smith, American Studies
Rose M. Snyder, Student Health Services
Lori Sondheim, UCDHS: Clinical Case Management
Joyce A. Souza, Police
Elizabeth R. Stein, Student Disability Center
Karen Y. Stewart, UCDMC: Adult IV Infusion Center
Juri T. Stratford, Library
Susan E. Sussdorf, Primate Center

Judy A. Taylor, UCDHS: Radiology Administration
J. Blake Temple, Mathematics
Steven R. Temple, Plant Sciences
Ramona H. Thomas, UCDHS: Health Information Management Department
Lynnette R. Thomas-Lewis, UCDMC: Operating Room
John M. Tinker, UCDHS: Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Elizabeth R. Tor, California Animal Health and Food Safety Lab
Edwin Torres, UCDMC: Patient Care Resources
Deborah E. Tremblay, UCDMC: Transplant Center
Steven P. Twomey, VM: Center for Laboratory Animal Science

Dale L. Uyeminami, Center for Health and Environment

Karl Van Brenk, UC Davis Bookstore
Lesette Van Winden, UCDMC: Emergency Medicine

Diana Wagner, Student Housing
Clarence E. Walker, History
Royce A. Waters, Employee Health Service
Becky B. Westerdahl, Nematology
Judy L. Whitaker, Staff Development
Dana S. Whitfield, UCDHS: Radiology Administration
Julie A. Willis, Primate Center
Eleanore Wolpaw, UCDMC: PCN J Street
Wing T. Woo, Economics
Fred E. Wood, Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
Robert M. Wright, Clinical Case Management
Reen Wu, MED: Internal Medicine-Pulmonary Medicine

2011 Half-Century Initiates

Gerald D. Anderson, Mechanical General Services, College of Engineering
Jon M. Asmundson, Shields Library
Ernest H. Avery, VM: Physiological Sciences

Charles W. Beadle, Mechanical Engineering

John V. Chambers, Cooperative Extension Visual Media
W. James Clawson, Cooperative Extension, Agronomy and Range Science
Billy S. Covey, West Side Field Station
Richard S. Criddle, Biochemistry/Biophysics
Robert L. Crist, Physical Plant
Donald G. Crosby, Environmental Toxicology

Judith E. Dorsey, UCDMC: Central Processing
Ivan Drahun, Physics

Annie Edwards, UCDMC: Laundry
James H. English, Physical Plant
Delores Ewing, UCDMC: Ancillary Staffing

Barbara J. Ferro, UCDMC: Medical Records Office
Lawrence J. Fulton, Pomology
C. Lester Fuqua, Avian Sciences

Della Gillick, UCDMC: Architects and Engineers
Walter L. Green, Agronomy and Range Science
Leslie A. Grussenmeyer, Physical Plant

Walter F. Hale, Physical Plant
Ferdinand J. Hanson, Jr., Physical Plant
Linda L. Hefferman, Dean's Office, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Charlotte F. Holder, UCDMC: Ambulance Administration, Special Clinics

John M. Klisiewicz, Plant Pathology

Lillian D. Lang Carter, Computer Center
Jerry T. Lester, Cooperative Extension Agricultural Information
Darlinda A. Lota, UCDMC: Psychiatry, Mental Health Outpatient Clinic
James M. Lyons, Integrated Pest

Ethel Mickens, UCDMC: Housekeeping
Cora J. Morgan, Food, Science and Technology
Stanton R. Morrison, Agricultural Engineering
Lois J. Mraz, UCDMC: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Clinic
Bryon K. Muller, Avian Sciences
John T. Muller, Pomology

Siegfried F. Nussenbaum, Pathology

Lyle G. Parker, Jr., Fire Department
Donald R. Peters, UCDMC: Food Services
Patricia T. Phillips, UCDMC: Mental Health, Inpatient Psychiatry
Rollie E. Poppino, History

Marion Riese, Registrar's Office

Elvera Senna, UCDMC: Ancillary Staffing
Donald N. Springsteen, Sierra Foothill Range Field Station
Richard F. Stallman, Pomology

Emmy E. Werner, Applied Behavioral Sciences
John L. Wheeler, Physical Plant

George D. Yonge, Education

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